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Welcome to the Triumph ViP mega projects interactive training programme!

This hybrid 12 Session (+12 self paced Introductory Tutorials) is based on award winning research from the Liverpool John Moores University (

Designed for major & mega project Stakeholders, the programme is for 18 persons (6x3 person Small Groups) and combines the benefits of group learning with Small Group activities.

The Colloquium prepares Level 1 Stakeholders (including financiers, accountants, lawyers and City Hall permitting personnel), through a common understanding of project pitfalls and perils for major capital intensive projects whilst stimulating Stakeholder Engagement and Project Team cohesion.

Other benefits include:

   i. Competitive Advantage

   ii. Improved use of resources

   iii. Team member retention

   iv. Can save you $$$$!

All Course materials are provided including approx 40 Powerpoints per session each with narratives plus illustrated Course Leaders Manual, enabling your Human Resources Manager to deliver the programme.

Or choose the TViP Wingman option for on-site support! (See leaflet below)

Why not take the TViP Test Drive? See below!

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Triumph ViP Mega Projects Colloquium.

12 Session Interactive on-demand Training for mega projects Stakeholders. This hybrid programme is for 18 Delegates (6 x 3 person Small Groups)

Coming Soon! Espanol y Portugues ediciones!

Coming Soon! Spanish & Portuguese Editions!

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